What is PE-RT Pipe?

PE-RT Pipe is durable tubing.it is not actually cross-linked (like PEX).But It provides superior long-term hydrostatic strength at high temperatures,

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What is the difference between Pex Pipe and PVC Pipe? Here we compare in terms of raw material, high pressure and so on.

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Exported Overseas Pex Pipe

Exported Overseas (PEX PIPE) EXPORTED OVERSEAS: Sfanpex Pipe including PERT/AL/PERT, PEX/AL/PEX,  HDPE/AL/HDPE, ANTI-UV PIPE. PEX PIPE, PEX WITH EVOH PIPE. PE-RT PIPE.  _______________________________________________________ We take good price and good

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PE-RT Pipe

PE-RT PIPE PE-RT Tube is made by LG 980 material. Size: 16x2.0      16x2.2 20x2.0     20x2.8 25x2.5      25x3.5 32x3.0     32x4.0 It has excellent toughness, resistance

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