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About Zhejiang Shengfeng Pipe Co., Ltd

Professional Manufacture of PEX-AL-PEX Pipe in China.

Since 1998, Zhejiang Shenfeng pipe co., ltd has been focusing on manufacturing plastic pipes. Our current product line includes PEX-AL-PEX Pipe, PERT-AL-PERT Pipe, PE-AL-PE Pipe, and PEX-A Pipe.PEX-B Pipe,PPR pipes, Gas pipe, and so on.Size from 12mm to 75mm. Our Company is located in Diankou Industrial Zone in Zhuji City, known as the Hardware City in South China.

We have long-term cooperation clients in Russia, Poland, Australia, Africa, Chile, Spain, and so on. All of our products have passed the ISO9001:2000 and Aenor Certification.

We believe quality is life and reasonable price is the key to the market. Hopefully to serve more clients.

Quality Control

The entire SHENFENG production process of the multilayer pipe undergoes continuous quality controls. The below paragraphs illustrate some of the tests applied to pex al pex and pex pipe

Dimensional aspec of pex al pex pipe

1,Dimensional aspect:

The operation is to measure the diameters and the thickness of the individual layers.It is also enables the weld cross-section to be checked and therefore to verify that the pex al pex pipe weld has been correctly carried out.

Disruption test (Ring test) pex al pipe

2,Disruption test (Ring test):

Cut approx. 1cm of pex al pipe, fix it onto the machine and start tearing / pulling it from both sides, up to the moment when the pipe ring is broken. Then check at which point the pipe was broken.This is to test the resistance of the AL overlap welding place.

Delamination test multilayer pipe

3,Delamination test (Peel test):

Cut approx. 1cm of pipe, using a computerised dynamometer capable of assessing the force required to separate the aluminium layer from the internal pipe. The test provides a graph describing the value of the force to be applied to separated the layers.

Pressure test for composite pipe

4,Pressure test:

The tests are designed to ensure the product is suitable for sale and to evaluate its hydraulic,mechanical and structral characteristics.

100% New Raw Material:

NSF 5006