PEX/AL/PEX PIPE export to Poland.

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PEX-AL-PEX PIPE  to Poland. PEX AL PEX PIPE is made by Constab material. The PEX-AL-PEX Pipe is according to the norm en iso 21003-2:2008 / A1:2011 /  PN-EN ISO 21003-2:2009 /A1:2011 Tolerance of outer diameter / Tolerancja średnicy zewnętrznej: 16 – 16,15 mm Tolerance of wall thickness / Tolerancja grubości ścianki: 2.0 – 2,15 mm. Our

Do you perform the disruption test?

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Do you perform the disruption test? To perform this test we cut approx. 1cm of pex al pex multilayer pipe, fix it onto the machine and start tearing / pulling it from both sides, up to the moment when the pipe ring is broken. Then we check at which point the pipe

FAQ–About Company ,payment and so on.!

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FAQ--About Company ,payment and so on. 1, Are you a manufactures or trading company?    A: We are prpfessional manufacture in China. And we have been in this field in 1998. 2, What products are you specialized in?  A: We are product all kind of pipes. such as PEX-AL-PEX PIPE,PE-AL-PE PIPE, PERT-AL-PERT


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Products News & Company News: Q:Are you a manufactures or trading company? Do you perform the disruption test? PEX-AL-PEX PIPE (SIZE 1216,1620 AND 2025) to Poland. PE-RT Tube is made by LG 980 material. Pex/Al/Pex pipe,Big size (40,50 63 and 75). PEX-AL-PEX PIPE Export