Big size Al-PEX Pipe(40,50,63 and 75)

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Big size Al-PEX Pipe(40,50,63 and 75) Shenfeng can produce big size PEX/AL/PEX Pipe(overlap welded). The diameter and thinckness of wall including Ø40 X 4.0, Ø50 X 4.5,Ø63 X 6.0 and Ø75 X 7.5. All of this big size pipe be test in CEIS. The below was a part of test report. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PE-RT Pipe

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PE-RT PIPE PE-RT Tube is made by LG 980 material. Size: 16x2.0      16x2.2 20x2.0     20x2.8 25x2.5      25x3.5 32x3.0     32x4.0 It has excellent toughness, resistance to stress cracking, low temperature impact resistance, outstanding long-term water pressure resistance and heat resistance creep resistance of octene. 1.Softness: pe-rt is