Technical Data of PE-RT Type Ⅰ (SP980)

Physical PropertiesUnitTest MethodValues
Melt Index(190C/2. 16kg)g/10minASTM D 12380.6
Densityg/cm3ASTM D 15050.938
Vicat Softening PointCASTM D 1525123
Mechanical  PropertiesUnitTest MethodValues
Tensile Strength at Yieldkg/cm2ASTM D 638190
Tensile Strength at Breakkg/cm2ASTM D 638350
Elongation at Break%ASTM D 638700
Hardness(Shore D)ASTM D 224056
Flexural Moduluskg/cm2ASTM D 7905,600
Izod Impact(Notched, 23C)kg-cm/cmASTM D 256no break
E.S.C.R(F50)hrsASTM D 1693> 10,000

*The data shown above are representative values for reference purposes only,

and not to be used as specifications.

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