Do you perform the disruption test?

To perform this test we cut approx. 1cm of pex al pex multilayer pipe, fix it onto the machine and start tearing / pulling it from both sides, up to the moment when the pipe ring is broken. Then we check at which point the pipe was broken: the AL overlap place disrupted, or AL laser connection point disrupted or welding point not disrupted but other point on the circumference bursted ? This is to test the resistance of the AL overlap welding place. What is the pulling power applied to tear / disrupt the pipe?

The welding machine is very important , it must weld aluminium properly. Al connection must be strong, smooth, resistant and no grooves accepted.

In our opinion and to our huge experience the peel of (delamination) test and disruption test – must be both performed on the pex al pex pipes as standard. And factory must carry out those 2 test, always, this is very important.

  The RING test verifies whether the AL weld is OK.

  The PEEL OFF test verifies whether the glue and adhesion are OK.  

  These 2 tests are the most important tests.