PE-RT Tube is made by LG 980 material.


16×2.0      16×2.2

20×2.0     20×2.8

25×2.5      25×3.5

32×3.0     32×4.0

It has excellent toughness, resistance to stress cracking, low temperature impact resistance, outstanding long-term water pressure resistance and heat resistance creep resistance of octene.

1.Softness: pe-rt is relatively soft. No special tools are needed during construction, so the processing cost is relatively low.

2,Thermal conductivity: Pipes used for floor heating need good thermal conductivity. Pe-rt has good thermal conductivity, and its thermal conductivity is twice that of pp-r, pp-b pipes. It is very suitable for floor heating.

3.Low-temperature thermal shock resistance: pe–rt has better low-temperature impact resistance. Pipes are not easily impacted and cracked during winter construction, which increases the flexibility of construction arrangements.

4.Environmental protection: pe-rt can be recycled and does not pollute the environment, while pex cannot be recycled will cause secondary pollution;

5. Processability stability: Pe-rt is easy to process. PE-RT can be connected by hot-melt connection method, and accidental damage can also be repaired by hot-melt connection of pipe fittings. Floor heating raw materials have a creep failure curve that meets product standards. It is the polyethylene without cross-linking can be used in hot water pipe .


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