What Is A Composite Pipe?

A composite Pipe also termed as multilayer pipe. It included PEX-AL-PEX PIPE, PEX-AL-PE PIPE, PE-AL-PE PIPE, PERT-AL-PERT PIPE.

Composite pipe is made up of five layers:


The aluminum layer between two layers of cross-linked polyethylene. The AL layer prohibiting the diffusion of oxygen through the polymer pattern. This stops oxygen from dissolving into the water in the pipe and cause corrosion to the metal elements of the system.

According the welded of aluminum, composite pipe have two types.One is overlap welded, as below:

multilayer pipe

 The other is butt-welded, also termed as laser. Like below:

pex-al-pex pipe laser

The aluminum layer to retain its shape when bent. It also offers more structural sternness making the pipe ideal for higher safe-operating types of pressure and temperature.

Sfanpex’s Composite pipes are labeled as DN or diameter nominal sizes that range from 12mm to 75mm. They are usually be sold in coils and straight lengths.These pipes have pressure ratings of 200 Psi at 73º Fahrenheit or 1380 kPa at 23º Celsius and 125 Psi at 180º Fahrenheit or 860 kPa at 82º Celsius.