What is PE-RT Pipe?

PE-RT Pipe is durable tubing.it is not actually cross-linked (like PEX).But It provides superior long-term hydrostatic strength at high temperatures, and is commonly used in domestic hot and cold plumbing applications. Because PE-RT Pipe is made from a special grade of high-density polyethylene (PE) resin.

The Plastics Pipe Institute defines PE-RT as: “a polyethylene (PE) resin in which the molecular architecture has been designed such that a sufficient number of tie chains are incorporated to allow operation at elevated or raised temperatures (RT).”

Advantage of PE-RT Pipe:

>>PE-RT Pipe is 5 times lighter than steel pipes.

>>The temperature linear expansion of PE-RT pipes is several times less than that of standard PEX pipes. Good heat and pressure resistance.

>>PE-RT pipes is somewhat cheaper, while meeting all the requirements for this heating method.

>>Do not need maintenance during operation and are silent at almost any flow rate.

>>100% Recyclable.Green environmental protection products, can be recycled and reused.

>>PE-RT compatible with all PEX fittings, and it’s a less expensive option.

The different between PE-RT Type I and Type II.

Sfanpex PE-RT PIPE has two type: Type I and Type II.

Under the same pressure, Type II PE-RT PIPE resistance higher temperature than Type I.

Under the same temperature, Type II PE-RT resistance higher pressure than Type I.


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