Why Choose PE-RT Pipe?

PE-RT Pipes have a higher Long-Term Hydrostatic strength(LTHS) and mechanical properties in hot water pipes without cross-linking.

The pipes are also:

  • Light-weight and easy to transport
  • Flexible and require fewer fittings
  • Easy to operate
  • The flow capacity is 30% greater than the metal pipe
  • Eco-friendly and can be recycled
  • Provide no toxic auxiliaries in the production of the pipe
  • Recyclable
  • Hygienic and clean

The pipes can be installed in drinking water systems, which are usually described as “water purer”.

They can be cut as your need, which reduces the additional costs for both of manufacturer and customers.

The PE-RT pipes are also highly flexible and can be installed in any domestic environment.

The PE-RT pipes provide long-range effectiveness and resistance against rust and mold.

You do not have to worry about maintenance because the pipes can last up to 50 years without any maintenance process.

This durability gives them an important place in homes that require central heating and water heating.

Sfanpex (Shenfeng pipe) has UFH pipes: PE-RT PIPE and PE-RT/AL/PE-RT PIPE. Sizes from 15mm to 75mm. As a Chinese Top 10 pipe manufacturer, we have a price and quality advantage. We hold AENOR certification and help our cooperator to get WARS and WATERMARK certifications.

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